• Cardiopulmonary Testing series (CPET/CMET testing):
    • Resting Metabolic Rate
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Resting 12-Lead ECG
    • VO2 Max/Anaerobic Threshold Exercise Assessment
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
  • Body Composition
  • Cellular Health Index Testing
  • Hydration Test
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
It is simple! The medical practice provides the patients, the testing area and is responsible for patient scheduling. ACUITESTTM provides the trained technician, the equipment and produces an itemized patient testing report (same-day to the physician) following the testing. ACUITESTTM charges a set-up fee per visit plus, a flat hourly rate (minimum hours required on a per testing type basis) which allows the medical practice to charge at their discretion for the services.
Patient Care

  • Assist in prompt and accurate patient diagnosis and management
  • Refer with confidence and avoid unnecessary referrals
  • Develop, monitor and adjust treatment plans with a data-driven approach
  • Improve patient outcomes and compliance
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention
  • Elevate comprehensiveness of any existing annual physical exam program

Practice Success

  • No upfront capital expense
  • No additional monthly overhead costs
  • No additional staff needed
  • Near zero “footprint” requirements
  • Value added services to supplement and complement the practice’s offerings
  • Substantial source of passive income to the practice
  • Same-day results!
Although testing and intermittent or periodic retesting is largely dependent on the patient’s situation, there are three main reasons to perform any of these tests:

Preventive care: CPET,  body composition and cellular health index and hydration tests are recommended at a minimum on an annual basis for a more comprehensive physical examination, allowing for objective patient classification, prognosis and monitoring of changes in overall health. EEG testing is recommended as a baseline (prior to injury/event when the brain is healthy) as a safety measure in a post-injury and recovery situation. CPET and body composition testing is now covered by a number of insurance companies as a preventive measure.

Screening & diagnosis: Testing should be performed when assessing a symptomatic patient to determine if/what type of specialty referral is merited based on the data obtained from our diagnostic services. This will minimize unnecessary specialty referrals and improve patient retention.

Ongoing care & monitoring: Testing should be performed for monitoring and verification following medical intervention to assess for the efficacy. For example, a patient who was placed on a new hypertension medication can be assessed to ensure that symptoms are controlled at rest as well as during physical activity. Intermittent CPET and body composition retesting is also a great source of motivation and positive reinforcement during a lifestyle change plan.

Estimated heart and lung age (motivation/confirmation), Framingham 10-year risk of CVD, optimal heart rate training zones for fat loss or improved conditioning, actual exercise recommendations based on metabolic equivalents, aerobic fitness classification, assessment of training deficiencies and how to improve most efficiently.
Other than for an EEG test that requires the expertise of a neurologist for interpretation, results are generally easy to interpret. ACUITESTTM provides physician and staff training prior to beginning on-site services. In most cases, training to properly interpret testing results can be completed in only a matter of hours. Reporting is color coded to allow for simple understanding of what variables are within or outside of the normal ranges. Interpretation tools are also provided for ongoing education and reference when needed.
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET/CMET) – 45 minutes (complete test – includes all tests below)
    • Resting Metabolic Rate: 15 minutes
    • Pulmonary Function Testing: 10 minutes
    • Resting ECG: 5 minutes
    • Exercise Test w/ Stress ECG: 15 minutes
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) – 20 minutes
  • Body Composition, Cellular Health Index and Hydration test- 6 minutes
  • HRV Autonomic Nervous System Assessment- 15 minutes
The minimum hour and testing requirements for on-site testing depends on the diagnostic testing services to be performed:

  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing series: 5 hours minimum (estimated 6 tests*)
  • Electroencephalography: 1 hour (estimated 3 tests*)
  • Body Composition, Hydration & Cellular Health: 1 hour (estimated 10 tests*)
  • HRV Autonomic Nervous System Assessment: 1 hour minimum (estimated 4 tests*)


All diagnostic services are provided for a flat hourly rate based on the diagnostic testing services to be performed plus a set-up fee. Please contact or call 480.244.5864 for pricing information.
Although ACUITESTTM does not work with insurance companies and we are proponents of cash pay for these services. In most cases physicians who have an insurance-based practice can provide access to these services to their patient through the patient’s private insurance. In the case that medical necessity is met just like in the case of referrals today, insurance does reimburse the cardiopulmonary CPET series of tests and EEG testing, with pre-established CPT codes (available from ACUITESTTM upon request) and with no prior authorization required. It is important to note that in many cases, insurance deductibles and co-pays will be more expensive than cash pay pricing.
Yes! ACUITEST™ will provide marketing brochures, posters and videos to aid in the marketing to patients. ACUITEST™ will also provide extensive education to physicians and staff regarding how to flag, charge and schedule patients to optimize revenue and seamlessly integrate our services.
No, ACUITESTTM also works out of a physical location where testing services can be referred to, to be performed remotely from the practice. In this instance, there is no income opportunity for the physician other than the opportunity for the physician to get same-day results to help provide better patient care. This can be used as a preference or when there are not enough patients scheduled on a given day to bring in the testing services.
Our services are provided on a near zero footprint basis. We do not require a dedicated testing area. Our space requirements are less than a few square feet to be operational.
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