ACUITEST’s™ services are particularly well aligned with the objectives of corporate wellness initiatives, whether the objective is to stimulate a happier and healthier thriving workforce environment or to gather quantifiable and reliable data to justify favorable insurance adjustments. ACUITEST™ medical-grade diagnostic testing services provide employees with:

  • Unparalleled and individualized baseline fitness, health & wellness assessments
  • A comprehensive and easy-to-follow educative report with data-driven individualized recommendations for improved fitness, health & wellness


Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is a 75-minute comprehensive and noninvasive assessment of the cardiovascular system, metabolism and exercise capacity. It is considered to be among the best preventive diagnostics in the world. CPET can be leveraged as a risk stratification tool to obtain favorable insurance rates for members of a corporate wellness program. The testing procedure is a fun and unique experience for these members, and the data obtained yields actionable recommendations, including: optimal heart rate training zones and exercise recommendations. In the past, this has typically only been available to elite athletes. CPET is a great source of motivation and positive reinforcement.
Nutrition made simple!

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is a 15-minute, completely non-invasive assessment that eliminates the guess work and confusion surrounding proper nutrition. This assessment will inform your wellness members exactly how many calories they need to consume daily to reach their goals, further broken down into macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats & proteins). Because these results are 100% individualized, your members will achieve better results in less time, possibly leading to favorable insurance adjustments for your business!

As an upgrade to this service, ACUITEST is now offering access to the CERULEAN Nutrition app, which creates fully customized meal planning based on your client’s individualized results. Clients will receive daily meal plans, shopping lists and access to thousands of healthy recipes for the low cost of only $14.99/month!

Body composition, cellular health index and hydration testing is a 10-minute noninvasive measure of the health information that truly matters. Body composition testing allows you to avoid crude assessments such as BMI or scale weight, which in many cases are a misrepresentation of an individual’s true ideal body composition and weight, which may be discouraging and lead to unfavorable insurance adjustments. The testing also provides an objective tool for monitoring improvements associated with lifestyle change. Hydration testing determines how well hydrated an individual is, relating to their overall health, well-being, risk of injury and performance. Cellular health testing is a diagnostic that measures the integrity of the cell membrane, and can objectively inform a client how healthy they are on the inside. This either flags the need for supplementation or potential medical intervention and provides positive reinforcement for members who are adhering to a corporate wellness program.


Member/Employee Care

  • Elevate comprehensiveness of member health evaluations
  • Data-driven approach to develop safe and effective exercise and nutrition plans, avoiding the necessity of a medical specialists or nutritionist evaluation
  • Motivation and positive reinforcement for lifestyle change
  • Unique physiological assessments that have typically only been available to elite athletes or at a high price point

Corporate Success

  • Avoid costly and time consuming remote medical testing with the convenience of Acuitest’s™ on-site services
  • Implement or enhance current diagnostic testing and wellness programs
  • Optimize workforce health & wellness potential
  • Improved risk stratification for favorable insurance adjustments
  • Healthy and thriving work environment


It’s Simple!

Corporate Program Client (YOU): Provide the members/employees to be tested, the testing location (minimal footprint required) and are responsible for scheduling.

ACUITEST™: Provides the trained technician and the testing equipment in accordance to an agreed upon schedule for the day(s) of on-site testing. ACUITEST™ charges a set-up fee per visit plus, a flat hourly rate (minimum hours vary by diagnostic service). This format allows for any corporate wellness program to provide expert medical-grade physiological testing services to their members/employees.


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