ACUITEST’s™ mobile diagnostic services are particularly well aligned with supporting geriatric care facilities in regards to medical diagnostic screening and preventive client care. Ultimately, this allows facilities to provide convenience to their clients by performing these services on-site. ACUITEST™ brings the diagnostic testing expertise of cardiology, pulmonary, physiological, neurological and nutritional diagnostic testing as a value added service to any existing client or patient care programs.

By demonstrating excellence in proactive and preventive client or patient care, our services can also be used as a tool to attract new clients.


Avoid time consuming and costly transportation fees and allow ACUITEST™ to perform the same high-quality diagnostic testing in a convenient setting for optimal client satisfaction and convenience.

As your clients/patients age, the likelihood for falling significantly increases. EEG testing provides an objective measure of the electrical conductivity in the brain, and is the gold standard for monitoring neurological changes associated with head injuries. EEG testing also measures neurological changes associated with degenerative conditions and the aging process, seizures and much more. Many facilities do not have the ability to obtain EEGs on clients when and where they are needed. ACUITEST’s TM FDA approved technology solves that issue, and allows you to provide optimal safety and care to all of your clients.
Shortness of breath, dyspnea, fatigue and chest pain are among the most commonly seen symptoms in the elderly population. Pulmonary function testing provides a noninvasive and rapid assessment of lung functionality to determine if these symptoms require further specialty evaluation.
Electrocardiograms are an objective measure of the electrical conductivity in the heart. Routine ECGs are part of gold standard care for the elderly population. Due to advances in technology, ECGs can now be performed on-site at geriatric care facilities, avoiding costly transportation fees and providing optimal safety and convenience for its members.
Malnutrition is among the largest concerns for the geriatric population. Resting metabolic rate testing is an objective and noninvasive measure of a client’s metabolic needs (calorie requirements.) RMR assists in creating a data-driven weight management plan to optimize your client’s longevity and well-being.
Body composition testing is an objective and noninvasive measure of a client’s lean mass, body fat and total body water. Decreased lean mass and increased body fat are a common reality of the aging process, but occur at a predictable rate. Baseline and intermittent retesting allow for an assessment of a patient’s nutritional status and allows geriatric care facilities to monitor the efficacy of their nutrition plans.
Cellular health index testing is an objective and noninvasive measure of how healthy an individual is on the inside. Using a modern diagnostic measurement known as phase angle, ACUITESTTM can quantify the integrity of the cellular membrane. This data helps predict the risk of developing medical conditions, and objectively monitors the effectiveness of medical or supplemental intervention.
Proper hydration is of the utmost importance to maintaining a healthy aging process. Hydration testing determines how well hydrated an individual is at the moment of testing, as well as chronically over time with an overall total body water assessment. Furthermore, this water is separated into intracellular and extracellular, which allows for an objective assessment of nutrient absorption. This also helps determine the likelihood of the development of inflammatory conditions such as lymphedema, which are very common in the elderly population and those with limited mobility.


Client/Patient Care

  • Assist in prompt and accurate client/patient diagnosis and management
  • Recommend safe and effective exercise programs
  • Refer with confidence and avoid unnecessary referrals
  • Develop, monitor and adjust treatment plans with a data-driven approach
  • Improve client/patient outcomes and compliance
  • Improve client/patient satisfaction and retention
  • Elevate comprehensiveness of client/patient health evaluations

Facility Success

  • Avoid costly medical transportation
  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • No additional monthly overhead costs
  • No additional staff needed
  • No upfront investment or monthly overhead
  • Near zero “footprint” requirements
  • Value added services to supplement and complement the facility’s offerings
  • Significant passive revenue opportunity for the practice


It’s Simple!

Physician’s Office: Provides the patients to be tested, the testing area (minimal footprint required) and is responsible for patient scheduling.

ACUITEST™: Provides the trained technician and the testing equipment in accordance to an agreed-upon schedule for the day(s) of on-site testing. ACUITEST™ charges a set-up fee per visit plus a flat hourly rate (minimum hours vary by diagnostic service). This format allows for the medical practice to set pricing at their discretion, including cash pay or insurance for the respective diagnostic testing services performed. CPT codes have been established and are available upon request.

ACUITEST™’s business model provides a near zero footprint, and an incremental passive income opportunity for medical practices.


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