ACUITEST’s™ services are particularly well aligned to help sport & fitness facilities differentiate themselves during new client acquisition. Our services also assist with existing client retention through a unique and comprehensive data-driven client management approach. This approach leverages physiological diagnostic testing as a baseline fitness level reference and allows sport & fitness facilities to provide subsequent intermittent periodic retest intercepts to assess and monitor improvements of a client or member over time


It can be very discouraging to your clients when they put in the effort to perform cardio but don’t seem to be yielding the results they had expected. Many individuals are even hesitant to do cardiovascular exercise because they believe they must sacrifice strength or lean muscle to lose body fat.

Leveraging physiological testing that has typically only been available to elite & professional athletes at a hefty price point, ACUITEST’s services yield actionable recommendations including 100% individualized heart rate training zones for optimal fat burning and improved conditioning. Through an in-depth analysis of heart rate at anaerobic threshold, technicians are able to determine where an individual is optimally burning body fat without breaking down excess muscle, as well as where they are optimally making gains in cardiovascular fitness based on lactate threshold training. Remove the guess-work associated with cardiovascular efforts and achieve better results in less time!

Let’s face it, sports nutrition is an ever-evolving field that can present a lot of confusion to the average trainer or client. Imagine you have a client who wants to lose weight, but you either don’t offer nutritional services and miss an opportunity for revenue, or must rely on estimations or equations that will yield suboptimal results.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is a 15-minute, completely non-invasive assessment that will tell your client exactly how many calories they need to consume daily to reach their goals, broken down into macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats & proteins). Because these results are 100% individualized, your clients will achieve better results in less time!

As an upgrade to this service, ACUITEST is now offering access to the CERULEAN Nutrition app, which creates fully customized meal planning based on your client’s individualized results. Clients will receive daily meal plans, shopping lists and access to thousands of healthy recipes for the low cost of only $14.99/month!

Body composition testing is an objective measurement of what really matters to health and performance: body fat, lean mass and total body water. Body composition testing helps to avoid crude assessments such as BMI or scale weight. When the scale stops responding, many clients will become discouraged and quit. Body composition testing can objectively measure decreases in body fat and increases in lean mass to keep clients motivated, even when the scale is not responding.

Hydration testing objectively measures if an individual is drinking enough water. Proper hydration optimizes fat burning and improves cellular health and performance. This testing also informs individuals of how well they are absorbing nutrients and the degree of inflammation (risk of injury) within the body.

Cellular health index testing objectively measures something you cannot see in the mirror: how well the body is functioning on the inside. This provides an additional source of positive reinforcement and motivation, showing your members how their lifestyle change is truly improving their overall health.  Cellular health index testing can also be leveraged to recommend and monitor the efficacy of supplements offered by sport & fitness facilities.


Member Benefits

  • Objective baseline fitness assessment for quantifiable improvements in cardiovascular fitness and overall health & wellness
  • Data-driven and individualized approach to optimizing the efficiency of lifestyle change
  • Access to affordable training tools that have typically only been available to elite athletes

Facility Success

  • Elevate the quality of service provided by the facility, staff and trainers to that of an expert exercise physiologist
  • Measure effectiveness of prescribed training and exercise programs
  • Deliver objective and quantifiable results and positive reinforcment for client motivation
  • Unique approach to attract new clients and high-end athletes
  • No upfront investment or monthly overhead
  • Avoid crude assessments such as BMI or scale weight


It’s Simple!

Sport & Fitness Facility (YOU): Provide the client to be tested, the testing location (minimal footprint required) and are responsible for scheduling

ACUITEST™: Provides the trained technician and the testing equipment in accordance to an agreed upon schedule for the day(s) of on-site testing. ACUITESTTM charges a set-up fee per visit plus, a flat hourly rate (minimum hours vary by diagnostic service). This format allows for the sport & fitness facility to provide expert physiological testing services to their members.


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